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Vidi Smart Glasses
Vidi Smart Glasses

What is Vidi Smart Glasses?

Vidi Smart Glasses is a medical device developed for Amblyopia Occlusion treatment of children.

Vidi Smart Glasses operate by occluding the dominant eye intermittently. This type of occlusion will help to force the amblyopic eye to function and develop while protecting the dominant eye from reverse amblyopia.

It is vital that Vidi Smart Glasses should be used under the guidance of and with follow-up from an ophthalmologist, Orthoptist or Optometrist. The device can be used with prescription glasses if required or prescription lenses fitted to the insert in the smart glasses.

Vidi Smart Glasses is an efficient, comfortable and stylish alternative of occlusion.

The Glasses are white with variations of pink or blue temples.

Comes with  USB lead to charge in any USB port.

Vidi Smart Glasses can be fitted with your child's prescription. Please call 1300 657720 to arrange this. This will be an additional cost.

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